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Suburbia Style: Tanya

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Happy Friday! I have been thinking about this “Suburbia Style” feature for well over a year and I am finally kicking it off.

I don’t know about you but “real” style inspires me so much. Have you ever asked someone where they got their handbag, shoes or earrings? I know I have. Or you are out and see someone who simply looks great? Sometimes it’s a style you would wear and sometimes it’s not but you can still appreciate it and think to yourself, “I love it!”.

Tanya is my first post for the series. I noticed her at my second home local TJ Maxx and she couldn’t had been sweeter. Ends up those boots are the real deal as she rides and is also a talented photographer.

Her lace tights paired with the cream knit socks and boots are what first caught my eye. I had never seen that combo before and she definitely pulls it off. She told me people often tell her she looks like Anna Kendrick and I totally see the resemblance.

Tanya, I am glad I stalked you and we connected ;-) Thanks for letting me take your picture and share your style with my readers!

Suburbia Style: Tanya




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